Potter Payper & NSG – Plain Clothes Lyrics

Potter Payper Plain Clothes Lyrics, Plain Clothes Lyrics by Potter Payper & NSG

Shaytaan comes in plain clothes, bro praying in a Serco
Might take a trip to Bordeaux
When my baby said she’s bored
Cause she help me with the coco
Im cautious of my shadow
Spent a couple years on obbo
Probably why im always paro
Girl your my number 1 number 2
Coco on the table
… bag it up
Sometimes I look at me like why me
Why dam why dry wanna try me
…Spike lee
Any violation not take lightly
My g don’t indite me
Im here for the quickie not no wifey
Darlin hypnotise me
Money make me

2 fs on my sneakers
Diamonds cold like Geneva
She wanna fxck me in a beama
Muni mover in the speaker
Even in jail I kept the hot line running
Used to ot bop to my ten toes buning
When it rains and rains you know the sunshine coming Lighting don’t strike twice
You gotta one time done him
Now potter got grills and he can’t stop smiling
Potter got grills and he aint stop smiling
Potter came home and he aint stop willin
Biscotti for my breaky I wake up Californiayy Thank god the music ting is going more my way And if you aint with the shit the get out the car Tray
Im potter payer your paper machete
And you know I got on my hip hip hooray Im a 5 star chef when but this aint creme brullee

Christmas cold times in the dark man shit got sold Right in the park man truth be told
You have to grind from the start