Vector – Crown of Clay Remix Lyrics ft. Khaligraph Jones, Dip Doundou Guiss, Ashs The Best

Vector Crown of Clay Remix Lyrics

Vector Crown of Clay Remix Lyrics

Vector Crown of Clay Remix Lyrics, Crown of Clay Remix Lyrics by Vector

So Listen carefully brother cause right now am bout to lay down
Am taking back the attention that I paid these clowns.
Now Tell me how can I be racist when am paid in pounds
These Karens tryna weigh me down
They dont know I been a problem since a baby wow
Hate me Now, Forsake me now,
But one thing you ain’t gonna do Is take me out
My bloodline redefines anytime I stand in the podium
This that holy ghost fire mixed with a little petroleum
When legends come together prepare for pandemonium
We ain’t the sorta rappers you see on Nickelodeon
Am black and black don’t crack we smooth
My drip is black in black no plastic moves
Am back on track facts ain’t no capping fool
Attack black I leave your face black blue,
was taught that if you fall stand quick ,
Be your own boss stop riding another man’s dick,
I was 12 when they Realised a Brother can spit,
Now my mission is to represent the motherland bitch

Father God is you That I trust in,
They disregarded us and made us feel disgusting,
But deep down see dem knew that we must win,
So now They get mad cause bragging with our dark skin,
Rasoary ndio Kwa Shingo Nafunga (always got a rosary around my neck)
I thank God juu ya zi wimbo na tunga ( I thank God for these songs am composing)
Crown of clay ja simple si dumba( Crown of clay is not Juju) nairobi OG ndio King of zamunda ( OG is King Of Zamunda In Nairobi Kenya)
And Bless vector For the Verse
African to the Core let ’em that its not a curseO

Nom benn lafiu am took
Nune daäu roi
Ku roti black man dama juddu roä samay couronne
Black lives masters dafiuy jugg bohu suulone
Black dama bari job ak jomm fight la téte sous l’eau
Sida, covid ak malaria luci suäu yoon
Tubab dufiu jeema faat bay suäu bégoon
Histoire fiu xotti samay pages ménu fiuko
Kobi, black Mamba, cheikh anta lafiuy wuyo
Tupac, Black panther si black queens lafiu juddo
Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba black spiritual
All black everything black lights never give up
Black bu bah black da nga ländém waaye äuulo
Am sa mbiru bopp, raak sama city jog
Black sama dereet, black blood sama city boy
Yagg nahu ma tuutél may magg ni Kirikou
Black guns fucking guns shots everything we do
Black spirit
Black music
Black kings
Black things
Black queens
Black leaders
Black lyrics
Black tears
Black rich
Black chief
Every time they think they finish me and I’m back bitch
It’s The voice of God
Still a voice afterlife it’s the voice of blood
This is David hundeyin t’on de yin
Better watch you step if escalators no Dey work
Wetin dey sup?
It’s the game changer
Game child, birth location?
A Strange manger
Fake love, many fake love,
the same danger
In the den (with) many lions like the same Gbenga

Wise men looking for me cos they heard of me
Replicating myself in many minds there’s a heard of me
You must have heard of me
King Kong Lagos island
This is deep runs Label diamond – WC
Black like coal
Rest In Peace black Robb
Take it back like woah
To the source if the melanin
To the soldiers who are dying as you send them in
Wudup soldiers
Don’t it twisted in the moment this is how he rap
I bring “forms” to the “signs ”
I’m Thinking “calligraph”
A New Era begun in case you missed it
S’oro soke werey. Kiss kiss.
Cos Nobody can set you free
if it’s true you born as free
So, Come on my gee
The least you could do is take you back to Naeto c to check if you know my P
I mean I said I was a champion
That’s a mindset You don’t have to abandon
Still loading ammunition where am standing
I’m’a definitely hit you where You need that understanding
It’s the life force you abandoned
Your very own anxiety in a tantrum
Started existing in a deeper understanding
The African mind is still a champion

Woolu Yalla moo gén woolu nit
Coono aduna rayul benn jambaar
Boroom karaw bu äuul warul ragal nothing in me
Mbooloo booloo doon say
Ligeey ba dee di wey
Coono wu maam du fay
But Odeshi Dey for my brown skin (eh!)

Written by; Vector, Khaligraph Jones, Dip Doundou Guiss, Ashs The Best