VIC MENSA – Blue Eyes (Interlude) Lyrics

VIC MENSA Blue Eyes Interlude Lyrics (feat. Rapsody)


I ain’t want blue eyes
I wanted “ooh-aah’s” and “hoo-rah’s” like two fives
I was a dime they wouldn’t give attention to, too fine, we not fine
Reading The Bluest Eye by Toni
I’m a Roc, with the a Black Eyed Pea, why T and tenderoni

The jokes on them, they wanna be like me
Blew ’em away with my big booty
Blew ’em away, turned a corner, Michael and Brody
That’s a wire, paying more attention like Sanaa
Brown sugar singin’ blues in the key of Mariah
That’s a fantasy, illusions and liars
I don’t play games, my eyes on fire
Tears burn for everyone in dire need of love
My sisters and bruv’s, they all tired
And fuck approval, we ain’t want The Bluest Eye, we wanted pupils
Teachin’ them lessons while rappin’ complexion
My eyes like the articles written in Essence, all brown

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: VIC MENSA, Rapsody
  • Album: Victor
  • Released: 2023