VIC MENSA – sunset on the low end Lyrics

VIC MENSA sunset on the low end Lyrics

Man, at times we all feel lost
I know I do
And to gain the world can’t erase those demons you’ve been dodging
Maybe the fame and the drugs just made the shadows in that mansion seem even more frightening
See a big house ain’t the same as a home
Sometimes you gotta go back
To where you started

Yeah, sunset on the low end
South side
On the low end
Sunset on the low end
‘64 Impala
‘93 what I’m blowing
South side

I got lonely in LA moved back to the low end
I can’t be stagnant gotta feel I’m constantly evolving
Too many yes men in my circle and I didn’t no it
I felt like Tip in ATL they was just getting over
Manic depressive in a episode knew I was wildin’
Black community we don’t talk about that we stay silent
So you don’t see it like it’s tattooed inside my eyelids
Met a stylish girl that manage banks I call her Tyra
We all got traumas that we running from that need escaping
Sippin’ Henny in this rat race I don’t need a chaser
Let down your guard this world will push you to your point of breaking
I had to make it past that point see that’s the point I’m making
Show you love don’t get it back that’s just your frequency
I’m on a different wave now we speak less frequently
When my dog RIP’d I lost a piece of me
Treat my brothers like they blood but will they bleed for me

(I’d love to meet you this time)

Sunset on the low end
Sunset on the low end
‘64 Impala
‘93 what I’m blowing
South side
Let’s ride
Sunset on the low end

You ain’t gotta drop a pin but I know where you at
When you get on they tell you lies but home will tell you facts
Biggie went back back to Cali I went back to the Raq
His fight is over now, me I’m still under attack
This city turnt me to a man this shit was manifested
Never thought I’d see 27 when I was on 72nd
You never sat up on the throne you couldn’t stand the pressure
Pitched the work with both hands it turnt me ambidextrous
Had to learn to keep my head when I ain’t have nobody
You let me get some head when I was still a no body
(I’ll always appreciate you for that)

Sunset on the low end
Sunset on the low end
43rd and Cottage
39th and Bowen
King Drive
On the low end
Sunset on the low end

Sleepless nights on the low end
You get high enough to forget your past
Can’t mix sex with emotion
Gotta compartmentalize for your bag
He provides your security
You need a rock and shit when you get close to 30
Birkin bag, first class seat
You fuck him but you love me
They say love don’t cost a thing but I know that your love ain’t free
I know your love ain’t free
But I know you fuck with me
So come get this money baby

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: VIC MENSA
  • Album: Victor
  • Released: 2023