ArrDee – 12AM At Home Lyrics

ArrDee 12AM At Home Lyrics

Let me make it apparent
All I’ve ever wanted I got it they said I was punching
Danny Aaron’s
I took off fast like McLaren the first thing I done bought mummy palace
After the drip and badders
Think your opinion matters?
Only my Facebook mum’s wound up by you hating cunts and I know she a Karen
Ardz were you been?
In my yard with a drink
At the bar I put in
Still laugh when I win
My label hates that I hate socials don’t share half of my ting
I like puss tucked in and pink
Girls with a man turn Ardz on a bit
Like who would you rather then pick?
I call her E.T extra tight and her man ain’t harboring it

Single now
Gave too much good wood so the ex ain’t trust me fully
Too many people I muddle with she made me muzzle it
My ting an ex bully

Skinny white boys give good dick too girls couch for the woody
Pull your extensions out and spit in your mouth but you might not fit in my hoodie
I fell out of love the game
It ain’t like the start
The scene don’t love the same
Which cunt should I blame
The label gave me a check
It’s way over double they made
Charting ain’t why I came in
Fuck it I’ll take it
First hook I wrote
Straight hit
But you must have it Oliver Twisted
I am the British rapper
I am the south coast geeza
Ex weed dealer
Smoke my prof never got ps up
Still go pub I don’t need ID
Made a mill when I was 18
Yeah I am the pop hit maker
Big piss taker
Chav from the park and the big bank breaker
The carpenter
Said I give good wood not flowers and even the radio ate up
I grew up on grime living outside of London
I dun been locked in since skep clashed devil dungeon
But they love chat shit so they wanna come with
Any violation run to with
To make it seem I cheated and never earned it
You hurt my feelings so I’m travelling the world quick
Used to proving it
Nuttin new to dis
Versatile before carl knew the kid
Keep all the comments coming I love it it’s good for the interaction
Nowdays I got comets cummin
F**k rockets
My chick games off the atlas
It’s no more talking now I’m not on it
This years it’s bout plans and actions
And sick your mum with your negative opinion
Go buy your mum a mansion

    Lyrics Knowledge:
  • Written by: ArrDee
  • Album: 12AM At Home
  • Released: 2024