Brymo – There’s a Place Lyrics

Brymo There’s a Place Lyrics, There’s a Place Lyrics by Brymo

Everyone is taking sides and they ask what we’re standing for
There’s wars and bombings everywhere, what are they fighting for
What the preachers teach is not at all, what the practice is for
They tell the child to dream and then, they fear what they may become

Society is a lost cause and you know
“I see no changes” is what the rap-song’s spitting forth
The chaos is the fuel for existence I know
And the Pain be the reason, we search for the joy I know…

There’s a place that I know
Between animal and spirit
A fellowship of the body and soul
Where survival lives in harmony with hope

I stand for all the many things, that people don’t become
A perfect world, pleasure for all, and squabbles don’t belong
We’re the dreamers of the years to come, we live everywhere you turn
In villages and towns and cities, without us they’d be gone.