Dave East & Harry Fraud – I Can Hear The Storm Lyrics

Dave East and Harry Fraud I Can Hear The Storm Lyrics, I Can Hear The Storm Lyrics by Dave East and Harry Fraud

As I look back at my life, before I pack for flights
Before I rock the stage, I hardly ask for advice
Told my shorty say a prayer for me, I’ll pray them back tonight
‘Cause cash the only thing I’m after till the afterlife
I could see it ‘fore it happened, my socks was never matchin’
Piss stains was on my mattress, never heard of payin’ taxes
Now I twirl around the Atlas, call up Harry, “Let’s make magic”
A lot of losses, life been tragic, we can’t shoot ’em, we gon’ stab em
Pull that new shit up in traffic and roll the windows up
AC bumpin’, smokin’ Kush like I don’t give a fuck
Reminiscin’, a couple years ago was feelin’ stuck
I just had another baby girl, I need a bigger truck
Came from pissy staircases, Backwoods spillin’ guts
Alcoholics talkin’ about their problems, make you spill your cup
Bumpin’ into niggas I ain’t seen in years
Couldn’t afford no liquor, I was was stressin’, I just need a beer
He caught a homicide, shaved his face, a witness seen his beard
A lot of mixed emotions, keep him focused, tryna see it clear
Everything that you ever imagined, I done seen it here
Wanted to shoot as soon as he spun that block, too many people there
And I don’t need no hook for this shit (I don’t)
He frontin’ for the ‘Gram, that nigga look like he lit
Before you could blink, we done took us another trip
Tequila really got me bent, I think I need another sip

Smokin’ on somethin’ from Sacramento (Cali)
Big dog, I wasn’t bred in your average kennel
Always made my way through the zone, learned how to dribble
Now he just tryin’ to go home, he been in the spittle
Them nurses and the doctors they got his body uncomfortable
Used to eatin’ steak and shrimp, they servin’ cuzzo Lunchables
I been battlin’ demons for a month or two
I can hear the storm, it get hard to notice what the thunder do
Walkin’ through the rain until I’m soakin’ wet
But I don’t fear no evil
Keep it solid, ’cause I know I’m blessed
Verse 13: 11 the Koran says you could help yourself ain’t gotta grab nobody arms
Nobody really ready to kill, but in this vibe my homie calm
Rollie arms, make a hater take you from your only moms
Only Dons smoke Cohibas and politic bought this paper
Now I feel like I’m livin’ great when I see my neighbors
Same tax bracket, but my upbringin’ was different
I put H on the production, time to touch another million
It’s hard to sell it if you scared, we cut up squares like we Sicilian
I’m prepared to count a billion
I seen shootouts in the playground, where nobody was safe
Niggas dyin’ to get up off the block, but nobody escape
My sis was in love with Jodeci, she used to play Xscape
And SWV, coke dreams, I wanted a key
That’s on Malik
I tried to make a killin’ off of crime until I focused up
Like I could make a killin’ off of rhymes, we was broke as fuck
Standin’ in the middle of the buildin’ with my 9, now they know it’s us
I really built my name just tryin’ to grind
I know niggas that got knocked for fraud, now I’m locked in with Fraud
When times get hard, make you talk to God like, “Who really in charge?”
The cup was light brown, it remind me of Chico Debarge
4, 5’s, and 6’s, dice game when you see the garage
4, 5’s, and 6’s, dice game when you see the garage
4, 5’s, and 6’s, dice game when you see the garage