Erigga – Problem Nor Dey Finish Lyrics

Erigga Problem Nor Dey Finish

Erigga – Problem Nor Dey Finish Lyrics

Erigga Problem Nor Dey Finish Lyrics

Problem no dey finish

Straight from the creek of south south
Was gone for a sec but now I’m back
No be your ac spoil I’m hot
Who goes there disembark

The country hard I no lie
To make am for lagos na die
Why you think say banny dat do nyash
Even Some Lekki boys dey do naysh

Many graduate no get work oh
Some no dey see anything chop oh
Una road dey make body dey pain me
To dress comot hard police fit go detain me

But when we talk she say we dey on drugs
Call us children na you dey pay we sub
People dey hungry where conscience
You hide am like palatine come here dey cap nonsense

Give account you dey faint
Beans never done Moi Moi dey scent
Them never talk you don cry
Our leaders na cruise guy ….

(Verse 2)
Pop your Molly smoke your igbo
This country get as e dey go
but on top of this some people lodge
Room 306 they pray to GOD

To be man for this country hard
Why you think say bobo discharge
Before I forget go loose gaud
Make god punish lord loose Gard

Go her page write my favourite couple
when wife travel husband you fuck oh
Just dey jaru the man dey drop
Pass über cab the man dey drop

People Dey loot dem dey shoot us
Ontop the kind suffer dem put us
Who pay the hoodlums come we badge
This country need Ijaw massage

(Verse 3)
Paper you no remember me
We two nai dey 2014
Oya which color nai you wear
No dey stress me my guy you here

Ashawo say she love me die
I give my wife make she reply
She say she want bone straight
Block her for my phone straight

You no love her Na jaruma
Carry the money give ur mama

Written by; Erigga 
Released date; 9 November, 2020

Problem Nor Dey Finish Lyrics by Erigga