G-Eazy – Let It Be (Freestyle) Lyrics

G-Eazy Let It Be Freestyle Lyrics, Let It Be Freestyle Lyrics by G-Eazy

Shout out to Apex
No problem

Most of the world is fast asleep while we work all these night shifts
Scars I could never hide, my vampire rises
Blood, thirsty long nights, I indulge in my vices
But wish somebody would have told me how lonely this life gets
With the lowest of lows and the highest of highs
All alone in his hotel as I sit down and write this
Share my pain just in case someone out there feels like this
You’re not alone, nobody’s perfect, no matter how righteous
Run from problems like we run from where red and blue lights is
Asking Jesus, “Grab the wheel, before I DUI’d us”
Pull me over, I’m finished, registration and license
Try not to crash this Ferrari, how reckless I drive this
Wish I could say I got this whole thing all down to a science
Until I fucked up royally, [?] knows we can’t buy this
Lookin’ back when I was broke, I ain’t imagine it like this
In need of guidance, down a dark road, hope someone will light this

Ha, ha
Yo, this shit raw
Waiting for someone to light the way
Lord knows that I’ve been lost
I’m only human

My OG told me, “Let that shit out, it’s no good to hide this”
Then I’ma need some Casamigos and ’bout two hours to write this
Some flower shop and a lighter to light this
One in a billion, on my momma, you ain’t met no one like this
No matter how you cut the cake or however you slice this
Is it addiction reliance, is it a problem, or crisis?
Is it dependency? I need a plug, like I’m an appliance
If I don’t get it, I might just, uh, I shouldn’t type this
Don’t wanna make my momma scared, my corporate partners won’t like this
They see future indictments but flip the light switch
On the bright side, it’s diamonds on my right wrist
VVS shine the brightest, yeah
Five-story house and my room is the highest
I ain’t do MTV Cribs, I did Architectural Digest
Slice of the devil’s pie, ate it straight to the pie crust
I try avoiding trouble somehow always it finds us
The wrongs that help me write this song always come back and it bites us
I’m sharing all my flaws so please point out the surprises
You diss me on my love, well say you try to come try us
Just say some racist, homophobic shit, might turn into violence
That goes for everyone, fake friends, way up to the high ups
If you open up your mouth and you go cross with them lines is
The irony is that’s I’m the one who’s always gotta keep tight lips
The truth couldn’t further off them TMZ’s write-ups
Discuss me on the radio while I keep radio silence
But all I’ll say for now is, consider your sources
Don’t be so quick to drink up on a Kool-Aid life pours us
My album drops in five days, I ain’t got no time for this
Can’t wait to see how beautifully lit September 24th is, let’s go

[?] never [?] when they settle, no
And I wonder, will it matter on this road
I’ve been crying in the corner, feeling all alone
Ain’t been lying ’bout the monsters in the bedroom, oh
This little light of mine gotta shine on
This little light of mine shall grow (Oh, we gon’ play with them)
This little light of mine never lost hope
This light of mine gotta shine on

I’ve been a rock to get the paper, others got the snip
We went in hand over fists, like rock, paper, scissors
They say I’m opposite, the normal crown won’t [?]
In a room with fewer friends than what I started with
The fight kept, the light left, now it’s dark in the ring
The horror scene never felt ’til it leap out the screen
Ignorance is bliss, piss intelligence’s a curse
Still giving game for what’s it’s worth until I lay a hearse
No heart and chances on my sleeve, and a CDG shirt
For the dreams to be scheduled versus receive like a letter
In the city of angels, devils make debts to be settled
Last travel, saw the battle mountain tops from gravel
Thrown in oceans with no paddle, currents, motions faster
No attorney on this journey, objectively rattled
But all my fury at the jury who judge with no gavel

Look at what the light did now
Look at what the light did now
Look at what the light did now
Look at what the light