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Loski – Interlude 1 Lyrics

Loski Music Trial Trauma A Drill Story Album

Loski – Loski Music Trial Trauma A Drill Story Album

Loski Interlude 1 Lyrics

Come on
(Yeah, my bro back)
(Return of Loski)
Home fam

I ain’t going back to Felts, that shit’s like hell
Milk near the window, blue plates in your cell
Land road a couple days and give Teddy to the world
Hitting gyal in every city, showtime it’s a shell
Condo in the country when you’re bettering yourself
Change my name to Bankroll, I ain’t worried ’bout a L
Cool Kid to run a check, I get Boasy, can’t you tell?
Street nigga in the bricks and I ain’t seen it nowhere else

Written by; Loski
Album: Music, Trial & Trauma: A Drill Story Album
Released date; 14 November, 2020

Interlude 1 Lyrics Loski

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