Loski – Intro (Censored) Lyrics

Loski Intro Censored Lyrics, Loski Intro Lyrics, Intro Lyrics by Loski

I swear that these opps ain’t learning
Most of my g’s in jail
Me and Mad Max trying catch us a kermit
Any waps there I’ll purchase
Last time I went fishing, bare dons tripping
Attempted murder
They talk ’bout poles, but their mash on froze
Ay bang your burners

Dare man push my buttons
Spartan splash its nuttin
Talking on my bros, you’re buzzing
Minimum 4 when we’re cutting (Drip Drip Drip Drip)
Opp block tour tryna burn up suttin
Splash any back, big man stop running
See me with Twin, now she ask if I’m Russian

Baby you’re way too inna
Harlem O, Moscow my bros
For Ku I’ll press that trigger
We didn’t know if it was Kweng or Squeeze
They thought it was me it was TTP
You can get it for free, free MizMac, love war not peace

Mad Max, Biggs or Wayne, that’s Naghz, Bellz or SA
Who’s that yout’ there preeing my face?Paigon or is he gay?
Typical barbie looking for a Spartan
All them gyallie tryna be bae
Shotgun tucked, we keep it on us
That party get locked, so move out of the way