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Loski Music Trial Trauma A Drill Story Album
Loski – Loski Music Trial Trauma A Drill Story Album

Loski Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Ajwa Williams]
This is Ajwa Williams for ITV news, reporting live outside the Crown Court in London where prominent Drill artist Loski stands trial. The 21-year old musician from Kennington, South London is facing serious charges, accused of being a high ranking member of the Harlem Spartans group. Most fans say Loski has always been a solo artist and not part of the group. Many are confused by the timing of this all as Loski’s career was taking off before this controversy. Is he a criminal gang member? Or is his crime not cutting ties with friends he grew up with? The trail has taken on new importance within the black community in light of race relations and the accepted unconscious bias that black people experience in society on a whole. Leaders are calling for disenfranchised youth to be listened to and understood. Drill is the music of today’s youth, and this is a drill story

‘013 Summer started as a runner
Turner on my back but I’m Rico to the punter
Big big bassy on my hip like a hunter
Them old arse nigga’s getting splashed by this younger
Them Yardies got robbed, shouts out the big brothers
Pain in full but we live like the shutter
I was 13, fuck school, jugging one up
Got my first shotty, now the trapper turned gunner
Hot stepping in Loubs, Moncler, not fair
D-Squared, can’t chat for the goon
‘Nuff time that we splashed up them youtes
But fuck that, I got a hoe that I don’t want
And she got attitude, too
Loski, but the bro’s call me Loose
Opp’s say I’m on nothin’, stop the verbal abuse
I got the drop on you, I started bussin’ my (Ksst)
Ay, let me not say too much

Written by; Loski
Album: Music, Trial & Trauma: A Drill Story Album
Released date; 14 November, 2020

Intro Lyrics Loski

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