ROSALÍA – Abcdefg Lyrics English Translation

ROSALÍA Abcdefg Lyrics English Translation

A of alpha, height, alien
B from bandit
C of coquette
D of dynamite
I expensi e, empress, enigma, in-the-know
F of Flux Æon
G of pretty
H of depth
I of artificial intelligence
J of jineta
M from Motomami, Motomami, Motomami, Motomami, Motomami
Don’t even think about it or think about it
Or orchid
P of patroness
Q of what reigns
R of racinet, racinet, rank, racinet, rank
S from sata
T of titanic
Ultrasonic U
V for vendetta
W by Willie Colón, from Winter Fall as well
X of I’ll clear the X of you in a moment
And from yen, from yantas
And Z of blackberry or of zapateao, or of fox also

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