$uicideboy$ – Every Dog Has His Day Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Every Dog Has His Day Lyrics

Bitch, I’m poppin’ sticks like I’m Nick Cannon, smash her like I’m Ganondorf
All my homies stuntin’, we all ballin’ like we manage sports
Fuckboi on my dick, wants a pic, go head and tag the dork
Miss me with that bullshit, yeah, I should’ve been a matador
Slap a whore, choke a bitch, man, I think I broke her hip
Fuck her till she soaked in piss, I plan to make a note of it
Blanco always faded like a motherfuckin’ poke ‘n stick
Ready to snatch a soul, seal your fate up with a frozen kiss
I’m smokin’ bliss, turn a fuckboi into mist
Scratch a name off of my list and add another just for kicks
Open slit up on my wrist, yeah, I think they get the jist
Tighten up my fuckin’ fist
Blanco never fuckin’ miss
Spit out the drip

Don’t want crystals in my stomach, all these crystals on my bitch
Align her chakras while we fuckin’, rearrangin’ all her plumbin’
All these suckas thinkin’ they stuntin’, but they really just lames
Spittin’ out flames, bitch, I bang Grey
Five Nine till the day I die
My tear ducts all dried
I fear, I don’t know why, I feel so normal when I’m high
All these voices in my head, I can’t tell which one is the lie
Always bring the storm, yeah, Blanco blackin’ out the sky

Give it how these haters want it, break a bitch up on it
Yung Slick walkin’ coma as I smoke the marijuana
It’s Yung North, make the bass shake, tell a bitch, “Wait”
Diamonds shine as I flip it, ship it, make the weight skate
I been wrist whippin’, flockin’ chickens when I slide pimpin’
Glock grippin’, pop a clip in, have your mind spinnin’
Spine bendin’, bloody linens in your mom kitchen
Crime ridden, hood I’m from ain’t got no prime lendin’
Slicky flame sizzle, rollin’ with a tank missile
Tell a hoe to hit them knees and let me fuck her brain tissue

I’m poppin’ 30s, seein’ blurry, still I can’t miss you
Pop the stick and blow the clip, kill everyone that came with you
Same issues, playin’ Russian roulette with revolvers
I go Gung Hao with that drum roll like I’m Travis Barker
“Last offer”, hear the devil talkin’ to me often
Fuck a coffin, when I die just burn me in a foreign
Wetto, Chris Walken, haunted like the deer hunter
You a larp with no heart, just tuck your dick under
You a fed, you a cop, you a real uncer
Scarface Wetto with that metal, let that steel rumble

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
  • Album: YIN YANG TAPES: Fall Season (1989-1990)
  • Released: 2023