$uicideboy$ – Starry 9 Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Starry 9 Lyrics

Shawty said to stop gas lighting but I keep on lighting gas
Puff a blunt
Hit from the back while I ash it on her ass
Ima nasty motherfucker
Long lasting motherfucker
Grab her hair and make her pussy drip
Im splashing in a puddle
Blanco been a pimp
No I aint never been a sucker
All these fuckbois on my dick

You would think that im their mother
The one and fucking only no there wont ever be another
Me and wetto verse the world ill do whatever for my brother
Take one in the dome
Make it count cuz ima shoot back
Pull up like a shadow always got em asking whos that
Blanco such a mystery I thought you bitches knew that
Why yo mans such liar man I swear he need a new cap
Two black hearses peeling off into the night sky
Shit I might cry
Sitting back thinking bout my life let out a slight sigh
Shit always goin wrong but I pop out on the right side

I see them fuck boys steady talking but they never get specific
My pimpin’ got her dripping like she walked the whole pacific
Scarecrow be the mythic how I break the laws of physics
Choppa monolithic paint your face like hieroglyphics
Blanco busting roxy’s with the amex with no limit
I might rob my local clinic now it’s methadone for dinner
Black coupe
Hearse boy
Whip look like a cursed toy
Switch it up the next day pick a new one out the convoy

Sickest of the richest
Told my bitch we need some bitches
Counting all these benjis got my brain fucked up and glitching
Itching off that fenty I made millions nodding off
Jean wetto basquiat
Slicky fugue it like he bach
All my exes in the rearview
Looking for a take 2
Breaking hoes hearts on occasions turn em gay too
That one you can’t replace boo
That pain up in your swisher
Monet of the grey
I up that k and paint a picture

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.
  • Album: YIN YANG TAPES: Summer Season (1989-1990)
  • Released: 2023