$uicideboy$ – Realism VS Idealism Lyrics

$uicideboy$ Realism VS Idealism Lyrics

Yeah they call me yung mutt
In the cut smelling like some indica
All these hoes keep splitting cuffs
Spilling guts
No ands, ifs, or buts
If her butt was any fatter I’d be fucked and quickly bust
Splatter kids all on her mug like she’s allergic to my nut
Give her antihistamines
Pistol green like it’s a buck
Trigger squeezing like I’m fiending for a reason to give up
Bend your knees
Begging please like I could really give a fuck
Uzi tucked against my spleen

I’ll make you bleed until you rust
For the static, I’m an addict
Back at it like a chiropractic crack habit
If I want it ima have it
Knock you off this fucking planet
Send your corpse up to the stars replace em all with fucking maggots
Pants saggin’
Red flaggin’
Ima get the bag whether it’s paper or it’s plastic
All these fuckboys I be slappin’
Aint got time for all your cappin’
Ima conjure up my demons
Whisper all their names in latin

Yung wetto
It’s yung north, mane
Whipping in a ford thang
Gripping on the hammer
Slicky fort wayne
Pot filled with white dust
House color white nut
Looking for the chewing
Patrick ewing out a white slut
Cup dirty
Glock 30

Murk a motherfucker quick
Eastern bloc
Sticker shock
Custom how I rock a benz
5% on the tint looking like the babadook
Fuck a fight I’d rather shoot
My youngin’ hollering hootie hoo
I yell amen
Hollow tips rain in
59 guerilla
I’m too real for them to cage in
Southern cajun
Suckers bite the pavement
Told that hoe to hit my agent talking bout engagements

Fuck a blame shift
I’m that motherfucker, boy
Creeping thru the night
Turbos breathing like they paranoid
Billy bob a halle berry
Wetto makaveli
Burn em all at the stake while singing bloody mary

    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: $uicideboy$
  • Album: YIN YANG TAPES: Spring Season (1989-1990)
  • Released: 2023