aespa – Drama Album Lyrics

aespa Drama Album Lyrics

Drama is an fourth extended play by South Korean girl group Aespa released by SM Entertainment on November 10, 2023, and contains six tracks including the lead single of the same name.

Drama will showcase Aespa “evolving personalities” with “fresh music” while “also build[ing upon] on a previous narrative thread” as the group is “now breaking out from the trauma caused by a series of events with ‘Synk Out’, and ‘Hallucination Quest.’

The lead single “Drama” was described as a hip-hop and dance song characterized by “an aggressive drum sound and sophisticated synth bass” with lyrics about having “confident attitude that every story begins with Aespa”.

The second track “Trick or Trick” is a dance song with “a hypnotic charm”. The sixth track “You” carries lyrics filled with “full of sincerity towards the [group’s fans]”.

In the digital edition that features the group’s previously released English single “Better Things” as a bonus track, stands out as an “up-tempo” dance song characterized by “rhythmic percussion sound” with lyrics about “shrugging off the past” while “focusing the given time on more valuable things”.

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    Lyrics Knowledge:

  • Written by: aespa
  • Album: Drama
  • Released: 2023