ArrDee – Poundcake Freestyle (Drill) Lyrics

ArrDee Poundcake Freestyle Lyrics, Poundcake Freestyle Lyrics by ArrDee

Ahh look at the way life changed
I don’t feel no way cuz
The real stay real and the fake stay fake
I needed a meal
So I made my plate
I would steal my food
If I had no change
Born this way

I would storm the stage
If they wernt tryna save my place
Got a flawless game and great mind-state
Now I fornicate buff gal I don’t date
Cuz my face bait
I would say would you love me if I didn’t have this fame
But you probably would with the way I play
The way I taste
They way I walk
The way I talk
The energy I step into the room with
Bare man spud me
Want me to lose it
Bare fake love here
But I ain’t stupid
The real stay around me
N fuck with the movement

What pill are you choosing
The red or the blue ting
Are you keeping it moving
Or sleeping n snoozing
Are you making it happen or wish you could do things
I be in the lab cresting fusions bringing in man crew stay glued in one of em mad
The whole teams fuming

Don’t push buttons

Im no badness but it takes one button
End of discussion

A girl can’t move mad when you don’t bring shit but your back
End of the discussion

You can’t give me chat bout the plan less your at where where I’m at
End of discussion

My ex girls buffed cuz I’ve come from nothing
This straight from flat to the tippidy top of the planet

I was 16 with this talent
Bare drive with no control of the wheel so I span it
It took one man just to help me plan it
Before I knew that I had it
He bought the inner savage
A real man deals with the damage he got
N he channels it to get the bag in

So let’s have it cuz
Little man ain’t little nah
Ain’t no weed in my bag
Jus my juice n the bars
I come thru widda dargs
I was with in the car
With the fake plates
Liquor n a big bit of bud

To the main stage
Days 1s I’m all bringing up
Couldn’t vacate
Anyone cuz this than arrdee
Than bars than me
This champion time for the whole army

Ask anyone round how real this little young man is

Bruv I still sport Ralphy I dont do trends give a fuck bout drip

I’ve always been mouthy but now it’s the mix where I talk my shit

I been TBC before it was me and O tryna buss my city

When everyone fucked wimme
But they didn’t wanna fuck wimmie
Strugglin days mums yard was sticky
I was just stuck up in my self pity

Now I’m up and It’s litty for really
The chickys are pretty they wanna take piccys I’m loving the women
But lost in the feeling
Of Feeling like suttin is missing

The fuck Am I moaning for like I didn’t just open doors

I play girls but I want me a wife
Take yours then I moan bout whores

I ain’t well when I write gotta go to a place
when you don’t want tours

I deal well with goodbyes
But I get lonely
Still I cut ties short
I’m gone